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Our first priority is keeping your dog comfortable, healthy and safe during your time away. We give your dog the hospitality they deserve! We provide clean, spacious indoor and outdoor kennels. Your dog will have a raised dog bed so there is no need for you to bring your dog beds from home. Our home is located on the same property as our kennel, and we always have someone here full-time. In addition, we also have 24/7 security cameras installed for added piece of mind. You can rest assured knowing your dog is getting the attention they deserve when you are away! There is a large, secure, fenced in play area/potty yard. Your dog will get lots of play time with other dogs and we welcome all breeds - friendly dogs are a must here! Your dog becomes a part of our family while you are away, and we look forward to caring for your four legged fur kid! We are members of the International Boarding and Pet Service Association and have successfully completed the Canine Advanced Certification program with the IBPSA. We also have our certification in dog and cat first aid through the American Red Cross. We have over 25 years of experience in the animal care industry.  

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0-6 months


7-12 months


13+ months


Add ons

Walks - $8

Daycare - $25

Enrichment treat - $8 

Same day booking - $25

Private Ball Throwing - $8

Bath during stay - $45

Pricing is per day and is NON-NEGOTIABLE


Deposits are REQUIRED for all stays.   

Deposits will be paid over the phone or online. Reservations will not held without a deposit. 

*Pickup/Drop off before 8:00am or after 5:00pm is an added $25

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Cancellation Policy:

Our boarding facility has limited kennels, and especially during high season time we are frequently at 90 - 100% occupancy. When we are at capacity, the lack of space may force us to turn away some clients for boarding. When clients pick up their dogs early, cancel reservations, or change reservations without an appropriate amount of notice (at minimum 48 hours), it is frequently too late for us to fill the kennel space that we reserved for them because the clients that we turned away has already made other arrangements. This causes us to lose a tremendous amount of income because that kennel is then left vacant. Due to the loss of revenue as a result of no shows, untimely cancellations, schedule changes, and early pick ups, we have implemented the following cancellation policies. 


General Cancellation Policy

We require at the latest a 48 hour notice for cancellations or reservation schedule changes. When we are unable to re-book the space that is reserved for your dog due to lack of notice we will charge a $25.00 cancellation fee for each kennel reserved or if the reservation is over 3 days there will be a charge of 50% of the stay. Clients that fail to provide us with at least a 48 hour notice for early pick ups will be charged for the whole day of the scheduled reservation check-out day.

No Show Policy

Reservations will be held (with full payment and all payment policies followed) until the end of the day on the guest's arrival date. No show/no call reservations will be considered a last-minute cancellation and are not eligible for refunds. You will be billed for the full stay. 

Holiday/Summer Cancellation Policy

​If the client fails to follow through with the reservation made for any holiday or holiday weekend stay with at least a 72 HOURS NOTICE, the client will be charged for the ENTIRE STAY RESERVED. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

Holiday/Summer Early Pickups or Reservation Changes

Clients who reserve a kennel for holidays that do not provide us with a 48 hour notice for early pick ups will be charged for the entire scheduled stay. Also, clients who have to change their reservation times without providing us with a 48 hour notice will be charged for the entire reserved time for any days that the kennel remains vacant. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

We are very sorry that it has become necessary to implement such a strict cancellation policy; however, we cannot continue to be taken advantage of with untimely cancellations, early pick ups, and reservation schedule changes.  

What to bring:

Treats, medication (if applicable), leash/collar, and prepackaged and individually bagged dog food for each day. If your dog/s run out of food during their stay, a $5/meal charge, for each meal we have to feed from our personal food bags, will be applied. 

We do provide a raised dog bed and plenty of toys. If your dog needs his/her own blankets/toys they are welcome to come however, we are not responsible for any destroyed, lost, or damaged items. 


What not to bring:

Please do not bring your own bowls, brushes, water, etc.

What is included in your dogs stay?

During your dogs stay, they will be let outside at least 5 times a day for 20-30 minutes, time may vary depending on weather.  The first let out is at 7:00am and the last is at 9:00pm. We also have an indoor play area the dogs can interact in. Housemates may be kept together upon request however, we are not responsible for any fights, scraps, cuts, etc. incurred during their stay. 

Special Needs:

A dog is categorized special needs if they have a specialized diet (Ex: raw diet, refrigerated food), medications, or behavioral problems. These needs require , as such there is a charge that will be added for dogs needing these extra 

Specialized Diet - $4

Medications - PLEASE READ FOR PRICING (Charge is added per day)

  • Med/s that the dog will eat with their meal will not incur a charge.

  • One med that needs to be pilled = $4

  • One med that need to be administered multiple times per day or one shot/day = $6

  • Multiple meds that need to be pilled = $5

  • Multiple meds/shots per day (2+) = $7

Behavioral Problems

If a dog exhibits behavioral problems under our care, like aggression, reactivity, or hyperactivity with people/dogs, we reserve the right to add on walks or ball throwing as needed (at your expense) to fulfill the dogs mental and physical needs. 

Luxury Suite 

Now offering a luxury suite!

This is a perfect housing option for families with multiple dogs or families with large dogs

The suite has a raised sleeping area, fit with a large dog bed and cozy carpet, as well as plenty of floor space to accommodate all your four-legged family. 

There is also a tv in the corner to play your dogs favorite music or show!

There is no price difference to book the suite, simply click suite when choosing a kennel on the booking site. 


Pawtastic fun

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