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Puppy basics - $1,800

The puppy basics training program is 12 sessions. We will cover comfort with vet visits and grooming, social skills with people and dogs as well as basic manners: sit, down, leash walking, polite greetings, coming when called. Exercises to prevent adult problems like food aggression, resource guarding, body sensitivity and noise phobias will sent home with the owner. 


Private session - $175

Private sessions focus the attention on one dog and owner in order to accomplish a specific goal. 

One of the benefits of private lessons is that we can custom-design your training program based on your goals and the dog's needs. We do require a complimentary consultation prior to the first private session. This consultation can be done in person or over the phone. 


Canine Good Citizen - $1,850

The canine good citizen program is a total of 12 sessions and 1 test day. The test day at the end of the program is to be scheduled by the owners - the test fee is already included in the price of the program. Upon passing, they will recieve their CGC title paperwork, and ribbon, that will need to be submitted to AKC in order to recieve their offical title. Canine Good Citizen is a 10-skill test that teaches good manners to dogs and responsible dog ownership to their owners. After completion, your dog will be a confident, polite member of society. 


Our training programs are unique to the individual dog and owner. We have multiple options in order to tailor the program to your needs. 


1. Add training program to daycare package

You may add on any training program to your daycare package and your dog will receive multiple, short training sessions during their day stay. This is a great option for puppies especially! 


2. Schedule training sessions 

You may schedule your training sessions for a time that fits into your day. All sessions must be scheduled before the start of the program. 

If you are going to miss your session we do require a 24 hour notice. If you are going to be more then 15 minutes late to your session, we require a text or call. This is a great option for older dogs with a longer attention span as we will be training for one hour.  

3. Board and Train 

This option is great for dogs with lots of excess energy or inability to focus. You may add any training program onto a boarding package and your dog will receive tailored, one on one training over the boarding period. 

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