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Walk in appointments are welcome for some services with an additional surcharge (see service descriptions). However, availability will vary and we may be unable to fit you in. 

Dogs must be up to date with their Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations as well as flea/tick medication.

We do not accept dogs with fleas.

We schedule you for the time your dog will be groomed.


There will be a $30 fee added on for any dog that is not picked up within 30 minutes after they are done being groomed.



Pricing is dependent on your dogs coat type and behavior. We need to get our hands on your dog to evaluate for quotes. Prices are base prices. 


1.    Full Groom 
Large Breed - $90+
Small Breed - $70+

Included: Bath, Brush, Dry, Nails, Ears, Trim, Anal Gland expression, Trim/Clip

Price may vary depending on coat type, handling, etc. 

2. Bath - $55-70

$55 - Bath only (nail trim not included)

$70 bath/nails/ears/anal glands

Walk in appointment are welcome for a $15 surcharge

3. Nails - $20
Grinding Nails - $7 - Can only be added on top of a  nail trim -  may not be scheduled for only grinding nails

Nail trim

Grinding nails with Dremel

Walk in appointments are welcome with a $5 surcharge

4.              De-shed 
Level 1 - $10   Level 4 - $25

Level 2 - $15   Level 5 - $30
Level 3 - $20   Level 6 - $35

De-shed levels are in addition to the full groom or add on for a bath/nail trim. The levels are not based on breed size rather, they are based on the dogs coat type. The groomer will decide what level your dogs coat is at and add the charge at the end of the service.

At the groomers discretion, de-shedding may need to be added to the original service upon evaluation of the dog.

5. Doodle/Poodle - $115

We have a separate charge for these breeds because they tend to require more time and attention to detail. 

Full groom

6. Puppy Grooming - Nail trim: $25 Bath only: $60

We are now offering puppy grooming service for dogs under 6 months old. You may notice an increase in price compared to our adult pricing. To ensure a safe and successful groom, as well as success in future grooms, more time is taken to introduce your puppy to the grooming tools for a relaxed experience. This is because these services will work on desensitizing your puppy to nail clippers, the tub, and the blow-dryer. 


At the groomers discretion an unruly behavior charge may be added for dogs who are difficult to groom or who put our groomers at risk. The charge amount is dependent on the severity of their ill behavior. 

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